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Just a Contest Entry by Agent-Shadow25 Just a Contest Entry :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 2 2 Reverie - SxS (Contest Entry) by Agent-Shadow25 Reverie - SxS (Contest Entry) :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 33 5 Reverie (Draft) by Agent-Shadow25 Reverie (Draft) :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 53 12 WIP - Reverie (Sonic and Shadow Contest entry) by Agent-Shadow25 WIP - Reverie (Sonic and Shadow Contest entry) :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 30 5 Eri, Masaka - OC (c)2016 by Agent-Shadow25 Eri, Masaka - OC (c)2016 :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 6 0 Implied SxS (c)2015 by Agent-Shadow25 Implied SxS (c)2015 :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 20 1 Waifu (c)2015 by Agent-Shadow25 Waifu (c)2015 :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 22 6 Let it Burn - Silver the Hedgehog by Agent-Shadow25 Let it Burn - Silver the Hedgehog :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 69 22 WIP - Silver the Hedgehog by Agent-Shadow25 WIP - Silver the Hedgehog :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 51 5 False Angel - Rang (Commission) by Agent-Shadow25 False Angel - Rang (Commission) :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 21 9 WIP - Rang (OC Commission) by Agent-Shadow25 WIP - Rang (OC Commission) :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 11 9 Eternal Bliss - Sonic and the Black Knight by Agent-Shadow25 Eternal Bliss - Sonic and the Black Knight :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 40 11 WIP2 - Eternal Bliss by Agent-Shadow25 WIP2 - Eternal Bliss :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 10 1 WIP - Eternal Bliss by Agent-Shadow25 WIP - Eternal Bliss :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 11 1 Let it Burn - Knuckles the Echidna by Agent-Shadow25 Let it Burn - Knuckles the Echidna :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 67 7 WIP2 - Knuckles the Echidna by Agent-Shadow25 WIP2 - Knuckles the Echidna :iconagent-shadow25:Agent-Shadow25 19 7



Shd by Tibzonoa Shd :icontibzonoa:Tibzonoa 235 3 Mind in motion by Un-Genesis Mind in motion :iconun-genesis:Un-Genesis 285 37
[3 days left] contest time! Win money and/or Art
Aloah everybody! Sonic Waving Emoticon 
Yush, me and Hedgehog-Night have though about this to do a contest!
the theme will be really easy. draw our ocs together. simple right?
The characters
Information about their personalitys are in the descriptions. if you have any question dont be afraid to ask
Knight The Hedgehog

you dont have to Draw Knight in his armor or with the sword btw!
Night the Hedgehog

The Theme
have your own mind about it. let them cuddle, let them play, let them have fun, just beeing there or careing for eachother. you will made the theme! christmas? why not! halloween? sure! just a normal day on a couch? every idea is open!
Do whatever you like ... you can do whatever you want as long you have fun too ;D
but also we have some rules.. not hard ones.
:bulletorange: it DONT
:iconwerehog-dust:Werehog-Dust 23 118
Shadow x Rouge Contest (open) 2 DAYS LEFT
Hello everyone again! ^v^
I am opening a small contest. :heart: I hope you all enjoy this! Day56 - Happy Cry 

black heart [version 1] I updated the points prize to double so better chances to the winners~ :aww:

Love  Just a romantic ship of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat Love 
 Heart Heart   

You can draw in any sort of theme you'd like. >v< But has to be romantic situation. :love: 

:iconhikari-reika:Hikari-Reika 14 117
Amazing Artist!
This person did that amazing piece of Rang Art
Her commission aren't that costly, go ahead and give him a shout or watch.
If you want a shout out, give me a little bit of fan art, it doesn't need to be anything that amazing, i may but a shout out to you on my channel. like i will do with agent shadow.
:icondokidokiyt:DOKIDOKIYT 2 4
Sonic and Shadow Contest! (open)
Hello everyone! :wave:
This is Hikari-Reika here~! :aww:
This contest is about Sonic and Shadow, (obvious :XD:) and they can be doing anything like, just them getting along, or sparing, maybe a friendly rivalry race, ect. :D
Rules/How to Enter:
+ You may not draw them hating one another, or having them fighting eachother to death, or any other negative relations between them, because this isn't want this group is about so keep them positive and some friend-like attitude ^_^
+ You may can do Sonadow art as well. :heart: But very mild Sonadow if you may ok? ^v^
+ No other sonic characters. Only wanting to aim towards Sonic and Shadow in your entry
+ You can submit more than one entry, but one can be picked
+ No base, 100% drawn artwork
+ It can be both Traditional, and Digital >o^
+ Artwork must be colored, no lineart, sketch, and black and white
+ You do not have to be a member to join,but would be apprieciate if you do \^o^/
+ To enter, and to be sure you rea
:iconsonic-shadow-bfs:Sonic-Shadow-BFs 5 38
Weekly Subject #5 Coming Home
Another delay, this time over a month old. Sorry for the delay, the new subjects shall rain like hale from the sky, except without the whole hurting people, but with the same impact and force. The last time a journal was written, the Subject was Hopeful Rejuvenation, a subject intertwined with the group's up bringing, trying to make the weekly subjects actually weekly. Today is also Tuesday for most US goers, late night when this will be sent as well. So this week's subject 'll last till the end of next week on Saturday. There were quite a few submissions, more so than the past three times. Some examples of the amazing work happening each subject can be seen here:

Open Sesame! By: :iconSlytherclawPadawan:
An interesting piece showcasing the opening of a door, as the literal interpretation. Though digging deeper into the subject could reveal new beginnings being opened for the first time, opening the door to freedom, redemption and so much more.

Time: B
:iconartiststable:ArtistsTable 3 11
PUT 'EM UP by DISTORTEDMACHINE PUT 'EM UP :icondistortedmachine:DISTORTEDMACHINE 52 9 YAOI:SONADOW by GaruGiroSonicShadow YAOI:SONADOW :icongarugirosonicshadow:GaruGiroSonicShadow 2,306 332 Sonadow:Love You by Unichrome-uni Sonadow:Love You :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 911 190 sonadow by Lenmeu sonadow :iconlenmeu:Lenmeu 1,914 120 Sonadow - That Look by BlueNeedle-Inu Sonadow - That Look :iconblueneedle-inu:BlueNeedle-Inu 1,055 199 sonadow by lujji sonadow :iconlujji:lujji 1,340 56 sonadow by Syesye996 sonadow :iconsyesye996:Syesye996 1,614 225 25.08 ~ Thank you by Shadisfaction 25.08 ~ Thank you :iconshadisfaction:Shadisfaction 402 23 A bit of Summer by Shadisfaction A bit of Summer :iconshadisfaction:Shadisfaction 412 22

Because... FAVEESSS~



:squee: Traditional or digital art? All accepted!:squee:  

If you go to my profile, you'd see a lot of Sonic Related Art Sweating a little...  but just so you know, I'm an all-around artist who's willing to draw anything! Woohooooo! 
Feel free to send me a note, giving a certain fandom and I'll work on it ASAP.
Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot Conga parrot 


Bullet; Red Possible Fandoms? :-? (Confused) 

Nintendo, SEGA, MLP, FNAF, CreepyPasta, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, Anime, Adventure Time, OverWatch, Dark Souls, Youtubers, OCs and FCs, and lots and lots more! I will work on them! I won't disappoint youuu!
(I am currently not working on them since people are requesting me more on Sonic Art)Headbang! 

Bullet; Red Prices? Drawing Style? Gallery

They will vary, if you're not aware of my current drawing style, feel free to browse through my gallery and take-in details! Don't forget to hit that +fav button! Heart Tho... they usually take so much effort to do! B-) (Cool) These are the possible prices:

Arrow Left  Traditional:

  • Hyper Realistic Portraits: 500 - 1000 points Points  (due to used Materials
  • Wallpapers and Backgrounds (Galaxies, nature, etc): 200 - 500 points Points 
  • Aesthetics, random prints, etc: 200 - 300 points Points 

  • Fandoms: 
  • Full body, white background, colored: 100 - 200 points. Points  
  • Full body, detailed sketch: 100 - 120 points. Points  
  • Face, limited background, colored (for PFPs, icon): 50 - 100 points.Points                          
  • Face, detailed sketch: 50 points. Points                                                                        
  • SPECIAL (Poses and all) like…: 300+ pointsPoints

Arrow Left  Digital: So far, only applicable for Fandom Sweating a little... Giggle 

  • Full body, white background, colored: 200+ points Points 
  • Lineart: 200 - 300 points Points 
  • Face, limited background, colored: 200+ points Points 
  • SPECIAL (poses and all) like this:…): 500 - 1000 points Points 
  • Reference sheets: 100+ points Points 
  • Bases: 100+ points Points 
  • OC/FC Redesigns (colored): 100+ points Points  (This really depends)

Bullet; Red Not enough money to pay? "I wanna request for a commission but I can't afford to pay that high!Waaaah! "

Don't worry! Mama is here for chu! I am a dummy! Heart We can always talk about the prices and make arrangements! Just send me a note with perhaps, the most possible amount you can pay me and we'll talk it out! It's easy to talk to me!Huggle! 
PS: But please... this is my only Tool of Trade so far so as long as you have the capacity with the right amount, please do.Tears I need to earn so bad...

Bullet; Red Time Allotment? Crying "Chriss! Is it gonna take sooo long? Nuu "

Nope.B-) (Cool) You see, whenever I make sure that you, guys, won't wait all too much and your request/commission will be done asap UNLESS Stare ... Unless I receive too much requests for one day! Moreover, specifications like... ugh- I think I've fainted. 
Regardless, I will try my very best to finish it at the least time possible without reducing the quality of the work for the sake of my very own standards. Sweating a little... Anything for all of you! CURSE YOU! Love 

Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot Reversecongaparrot 

Questions? :-? (Confused) Contact me on:

Arrow Left Google Plus Google+ :

Arrow LeftGmail Email :

Arrow Left Deviantart Note : Just send me a note!

Kirby Icons (Hii!) :bademoticon: :bademoticon:  :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Kirby Icons (Yay!) Kirby Icons (Bye!) 
Yet again, we dared to commit
A promise we can never keep

The truth that turned as make believes
The trust we chose to tear and rip

The sides that were never explained
The time we couldn't chase upon

The stories that were never heard
The years of dreaming had just gone

The "thank you"s we all really meant
The words we couldn't say

The worth of every second
Til everything was thrown away.

We wished to prove ourselves
With the least things we could do

We cracked our smiles and laughed it off
When in fact, we wished you knew

As two fires were slowly dying out
Inch by inch we're drawing near

To ensure that they'd keep burning on
And none of them would disappear

To make everything look so easy
To make everything seem alright

To make a way out of reality
To give them a reason to fight

I'm running out of woods
I'm running out of time

I'm cold and I need their warmth
Tell me, everything's going to be fine


Tho this time. I fucked up my decisions. Influenced their way of thinking. Siding on people to buy more time for them. I fucked up. Messed up. Big time.


This would be my greatest fault
Time by time, I fail my vow

Nonetheless, I want to thank you deeply
And I hope you're happy now.


To those who have left
For those who will stay

I'll remember their face
I'll treasure their name

I'll remember this day
To remember their time

So long, goodnight
To those who have died.


Agent-Shadow25's Profile Picture
Chriss E.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
[[Real owner isn't around]]

"If the world chooses to be my enemy, then so be it... I will fight like I always have... I am the Ultimate Life Form and nothing... and no one... will ever best me..."

I'm an imperfectly perfect bio-engineered life form from an experiment called, "Project Shadow." Professor Gerald created me to cure someone I once hold dear's illness but to no avail... When the GUN infiltrated the Space Colony Ark, she sent me to Earth to live... but such act cost her her own life. She was my only friend, my family, my sister. She's Maria...

But after all I've gone through and after all, I left in pieces... one thing remained inside my mind. Let these memories slip away, but my promise will remain. I'll protect this world, I'll protect everyone... I would not let humanity's faith on me die out. Timelessly, I'll swear... the best is yet to come..."

This is Chriss, everyone. I'm just a random girl who loves to draw, given the fact that I tend to get lazy even if I'm full of ideas. xD
I'm usually active in G+ and inactive in DA, and I only come around when I have something to post. Regardless, every watch and vote is appreciated and I'm more than grateful to accept requests from everyone.

Thanks a lot! :D


NOTICE: We are stuck in a very serious situation. I will explain everything once things get... milder. I'm sorry for this. We're just utterly damned. For now, I will need your help, guys. It's written on the latest deviation. Thank you.
Just a Contest Entry
Reference: a forgot the link of one Sonadow post-
I will explain the absence, inactivity... JUST EVERYTHING- like... wtf is happening asap. We're in a damn urgent.
Scourge here. Bye.

Guys, I kinda need your help for group features and all. Please help me upon sharing art in groups for the meantime. I will you a feature journal, I promise. We just really need help because no one can't be around for the next weeks or months. We're stuck in a serious situation. Advanced thank you.

.:Bendy icon:. My Monitors have been joining contests and accepting commissions relentlessly... heh... geez, guys... might wanna calm down and let me recover Sweating a little... I think I've fainted. 
Reverie - SxS (Contest Entry)
Chriss: Well, it seems as if I kinda... getting stable a bit more. Heh, I kinda' had the chance to do this during my spare time after one of my IVs. Sweating a little... Oh well, regardless, hope you guys like this one. This is the final version. Clap :happybounce: 
Hikari-Reika is this one fine? It's the best I can do for an hour, heh. Mild sonadow, you're welcome~Heart 

Don't forget to hit that +fav :D (Big Grin)  Advanced thank you~Heart Love 
Feel free to browse on my gallery! Gallery 

Application Used: Ibis Paint X
Maximum time Allotment (from Line Art): 1 hour
Reference: N/A


deviantART DeviantArt: Woohooooo! 
Google+ GooglePlus: 
Email Gmail: CURSE YOU! 

Only accepting Points as payment!#1 
LANCE Ciao...


Agent-Shadow25 has started a donation pool!
20 / 10,000


Commissions, Requests, Art Trades, Adoptables, etc.

     You all know that I've been so inactive in Deviant Art for months and I'm pretty sure I've missed a lot! But I want to make it up to you guys and I'm glad to inform you that I'm sure as hell will be active from now on! :D You guys inspire me so much - even though I'm not that popular - you guys never stopped stopped giving me motivation to continue my little hobby.

    Let alone a bit embarrassing but I want to give you the best quality works so your donations will be more than appreciated for me to have some new equipment for me to improve furthermore! ^^ Thank you in advanced! Love you all~! <3

You must be logged in to donate.


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MONITOR NO.2, area of Nagoya, Japan:
Hello, there! If you're going to read our statuses, the main artist isn't around and we're currently just monitoring this page until the main holders arrive.
But please feel free to leave a note with your request so they may see it whenever they come back. Thank you! And thank you for the watch! :giggle:
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Thanks for watching!!!! OMG I looked at your interests...the Giver is an amazing book!! I love it sooooooo much!!  Is the whole series good?  I would love to read it!!
Agent-Shadow25 Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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I love books like that!!  they are great!!
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